How can you achieve control over your thoughts?

1 way to control your mind and thoughts.

Having control over your mind is one of the essential things which you must achieve. Your mind is associated with vivid thoughts and memories, they are positive and negative. Thoughts are reflected on overall living. …

Kiss your cup with this article today!!

Why do people prefer to start with their day with a cup of coffee or tea? When I asked this question to my colleagues the general response I got was that they are habitual to this routine of drinking coffee or tea, it makes them feel fresh, they feel charged…


As we covered the introduction of what colour psychology means in Part 1 and saw how companies use colours to trap our buying decisions for their benefits. There are multiple blends of colour utilized by companies to draw in customers. Colours used in logos are primarily to point out…

Colour Psychology

(PART 1)

Colours are one in every of the simplest things in the world. Will we have a tendency to see the globe while not colours? Completely not, the world’s stunning and engaging things are available in colours. They, sure enough, play a crucial role in our lives…

Roma Chawla

Connecting psychological facts to real-life experiences

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