As we covered the introduction of what colour psychology means in Part 1 and saw how companies use colours to trap our buying decisions for their benefits. There are multiple blends of colour utilized by companies to draw in customers. Colours used in logos are primarily to point out the real traits of the company. It depicts their ideology and gives us a sense of understanding what the company’s motto is towards us, what company wants customers to experience when they come across their logos. These are the company’s perspectives behind using colours.

Now let us see some more colours and what impression it creates on us, what emotions we go through which leads us trapped in the company’s colour psychology.


The indication of green colour is so strong it induces feelings of peace, growth and health. It depicts the freshness of the brand, connects us to nature, and also companies who make use of GREEN THEME reflect its eco-friendly approach. When we see products or logos of the company we experience emotions of calmness, excitement, optimism, and it evokes a sense of compassion.


Likewise green, blue is the second favourite colour used by companies to show traits of trust, dependability and strength. Looking at products and logos in BLUE THEME we experience emotions of calmness, spirituality, inspiring, reflective, strong, and it evokes a sense of inspiration in us.


The motive of companies using PURPLE THEME is to display creative and imaginative traits of their brand. It is connected to power, wiseness and luxury. When we tend to see products or brands in this colour we often experience emotions of sensuality, wisdom, feeling of royalty. It evokes smoothness and a visionary view of the mind.


Colour grey does not denote any negative associations it is a perfect balance between black and white. It is also known as the balance colour in other words. Companies making use of GREY THEME want to show traits of neutrality and classic features. When we come across this colour we experience emotions of calmness, solid, reliable, neutral, and it evokes a sense of elegance.


Pink is an attention-grabbing colour and its mixture of white and red. Companies using PINK THEME depicts traits of joy and creativity. Colour pink is also associated with love and romance. Usually, we have a set schema when we look at the colour pink we automatically associate it with feminine elements. Also, companies dealing with the target audience females use this colour the most. When we look at this colour we often experience a feeling of kindness, nurturing, romance, vibrant and it evokes a sense of refreshment.


MULTICOLOUR THEME is one of the attractive themes among all. Nothing can be more beautiful than a combination of all colours. It is also called the rainbow effect. Companies making use of this theme believe in diversity and they want to showcase multiple traits of their companies. When we see all colours associating together we experience feelings of joy, childlike, authority, discipline. It evokes a sense of pleasure which one gets after looking at a rainbow.

At the moment, we have covered all the colours and their meanings and most significantly how they influence our day to day lives. As I have mentioned multiple emotions and feelings one will feel once they see these colours, it completely depends on an individual’s absorption at the instant. Some could expertise multiple feelings and changes or some could feel just one or two. However, what matters is that the pleasure our mind and body feels once we connect our vision to colours

Drop-in your colourful state of mind in the comment section below.

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